Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – Book Review

Red Queen follows the story of Mare Barrow. Mare lives in a world where there are two types of people; Silvers and Reds. Silvers are people who have silver blood and they are born with different special abilities, some have super human strength, some can control water, or fire, or even your mind. Reds are the people who have red blood, they have no special abilities and are seen as commoners, they live below the Silvers. Mare is a Red, she lives in a small, poor village with her family, until one day something unexpected happens. Mare discovers she has a special ability of her own, this is completely unheard of because it is known that only Silvers have these abilities. The Kings finds out about her special abilities and madness ensues.

First of all the cover of this book is absolutely beautiful, the crown dripping with blood is so simple and eye catching on the plain white background (if I didn’t love the story so much I would say it was a cover buy). Not only is the outside of the book absolutely gorgeous so to is the writing inside, Aveyard knows how to write a good action scene! For me, I usually get as bit confused by what exactly is happening during fast paced action scenes but the author wrote it in a way that made me understand almost every part of what was happening. She also did an amazing job of making me feel empathy for he characters during certain scenes, I almost felt exactly what the actors were feeling and I was so emotional. Aveyard has done an amazing job of the plot and the writing, it has made this book so much more enjoyable for the reader.

As much as I loved this book there were some things that bugged me, first of all the beginning or “establishing” section of the book was extremely slow and tough to read, I found I had to take a break form it a few times just to get through it. However, once almost everything is established and the plot starts to progress I found that I breezed through it. Also the character of Mare who, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed for the most part, however I did feel like she was quite naive at some points and always acted like the victim in situations instead of taking charge and fighting back and really irritated me. Finally the world to me was a bit underdeveloped, I was left confused as to why some things were happening and how everything came to be, but after some research I read that Victoria promised more world building in the next book, which is absolutely fine.

Other than those minor details I thoroughly enjoyed this book, Aveyard has written such a phenomenal debut novel and I’m so excited to read the read of the series. Bring of Glass Sword!

4/5 Stars


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