How To Be Happy – Blocking Out The Negativity

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It is a well known fact that negative judgment is everywhere in today’s society, with the help of the internet it has never been easier to receive pessimistic criticism from both people you know and complete strangers. Negativity from others can harm your self confidence and can greatly effect how you see yourself. Although negative vibes are practically unavoidable in today’s society there are ways of blocking out this negativity in order to maintain a positive outlook on both yourself and the world around you. However this can prove to be extremely difficult, especially for young people, there is so much pressure on teenagers to be this unrealistic idea of perfect and it causes them to have an extremely negative view of themselves. A couple of years ago I used to have a really negative view of myself and the people around me, I was never confident to talk to others in fear of what they might think of me, I thought that I was never good enough interact with the people in my school, I listened to all the negative comments around me and I let them effect me. However after I had grown and matured I taught myself to listen to the positive and block out the negative, when I received compliments I thanked the person instead of denying it, when I was faced with a negative comment I decided to pay no attention to it, I told myself that I was me and I was happy with who I was and no one could make me change who I was. By making this change I was able to be more confident in myself and who I was, I was able to talk to people I was too scared to talk to before because I was happy with who I was. By blocking out the negativity in my life I was so much more free to do what I wanted without fear of criticism or judgement.

I know this post is a little confusing but I’m having a bit of trouble writing coherent sentences tonight so in summery here are some things you can do that will assist you in blocking out the negativity and letting in the positivity:

  • Accept compliments and always reply with “thank you” when they are given to you
  • Realise no one is perfect and that there is no such thing a “perfect”
  • Say something positive to yourself at least once a day
  • Steer clear of gossip
  • Cut yourself off from anyone who may make you feel bad about yourself
  • Lessen your usage of social media
  • Surround yourself with people who will accept you for you

Some of these steps may take longer than others but you can take all the time you need. I know this was a really confusing post but I don’t know I’m struggling to write stuff today. Hopefully next week I will make more sense…

I hope you are all well and that you are have a good day/night.

Lots of love,

Paige x


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