Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Claire Review


I know it’s almost sin to read the TMI and TID books out of order but to be honest I only found out there was an order 2 months after reading City of Heavenly Fire. Furthermore, I was rather reluctant to read this series (and for a while I told myself I would never read it) because I was so attached to the characters and the world of The Mortal Instruments series that I thought that I would find it strange to start all over again with completely new and unknown characters. However, one day when I was in a book store and I spotted Clockwork Angel and impulsively decided to buy it, even though I had no enthusiasm for the characters or the plot, but oh my, I had no idea what a thrilling story that lie between those pages. I was drawn in within the first few pages and even though I though it would be strange to read a Shadowhunter novel that didn’t include Clary, Jace or the rest of the crew I found that I grew to love the characters in TID almost immediately. And to be honest I liked Tessa as a protagonist much more than I did Clary, Tessa is so smart and brave and mature, I enjoyed seeing the story from her eyes. The book was such a mystery and I had so much fun figuring all the twists and turns out, Cassie never fails to fascinate me. And although I have basically completely spoiled it for myself by reading CoHF I still can’t wait to pick up the next one! I give it 4.75/5 stars.

– Paige


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