How To Be Happy – An Introduction

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Hello again everyone!

I have created a new series of posts called “How To Be Happy”. In this series I hope to create a guide for all of my readers on how to be happy within themselves and how to have a more positive view on the world around them. I will be adding to this series (hopefully) once a week with posts that relate to certain topics or steps that are important on the road to self love. I’m really excited to start this series and start preaching positivity to all of you lovely people!

– Paige


Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Claire Review


I know it’s almost sin to read the TMI and TID books out of order but to be honest I only found out there was an order 2 months after reading City of Heavenly Fire. Furthermore, I was rather reluctant to read this series (and for a while I told myself I would never read it) because I was so attached to the characters and the world of The Mortal Instruments series that I thought that I would find it strange to start all over again with completely new and unknown characters. However, one day when I was in a book store and I spotted Clockwork Angel and impulsively decided to buy it, even though I had no enthusiasm for the characters or the plot, but oh my, I had no idea what a thrilling story that lie between those pages. I was drawn in within the first few pages and even though I though it would be strange to read a Shadowhunter novel that didn’t include Clary, Jace or the rest of the crew I found that I grew to love the characters in TID almost immediately. And to be honest I liked Tessa as a protagonist much more than I did Clary, Tessa is so smart and brave and mature, I enjoyed seeing the story from her eyes. The book was such a mystery and I had so much fun figuring all the twists and turns out, Cassie never fails to fascinate me. And although I have basically completely spoiled it for myself by reading CoHF I still can’t wait to pick up the next one! I give it 4.75/5 stars.

– Paige


Hello new friends and welcome to my brand new website!

On the site I will be discussing all the things I love the most in the world, which is quite a lot of things, but mainly I will be doing book reviews and trying to advocate positive thinking and self love. I am so excited to start writing on this website and sharing my ideas and opinions. I want to create a happy and positive place on the internet for people to come to when they feel down.

– Paige